Beautiful Humans

Presenter:  Johanna Ricker 

Level:     Secondary (Middle and High)    
Strand: All Means All     

Room:    C132     
Session:   3          

In this presentation, AHS will share space with students from Meade High to discuss ways to make everyone feel seen and valued.

Meade will introduce “Rally Circles” – an activity used both in the beginning and end of classes.

AHS (Signature Teachers & Intro to Teaching Students) will share tips and techniques to build strong, sustainable relationships with both students and their families.

  • Language (i.e. stock phrases like “I appreciate you” and consistently thanking students for their presence and participation.
  • Positive cuing strategies.
  • Community Circles (how we use them and what happens when they are used consistently)
  • Creating communities within the classroom
  • In addition to using community circles, holding students accountable for knowing each other (i.e. their names, a few facts/likes).
  • Being consistent…these aren’t things we simply do at the beginning of the year, mid-year, etc…but a daily commitment.
  • Helping students find ways to be connected within the building. 

We need to see students beyond the curriculum and make sure they have activities to feed their spirits as well as their minds. (clubs, sports, service, etc).